Clustering Module (tmg_gui)

clustering_gui is a graphical user interface for "Text to Matrix Generator" that can be used for applying a set of clustering algorithms to term-document matrices (TDM's) constructed from tmg_gui.

See a demonstration of clustering_gui.

For complete up-to-date documentation visit the TMG Wiki:

Field Name Default Description
Select Dataset - Select the dataset.
Euclidean k-means Check to use the euclidean k-means clustering algorithm.
Spherical k-means - Check to use the spherical k-means clustering algorithm.
PDDP - Check to use the PDDP clustering algorithm.
Initialize Centroids At random Defines the method used for the initialization of the centroid vector in the course of k-means. Possibilities are: initialize at random and supplly a variable of '.mat' file with the centroids matrix.
Termination Criterion Epsilon (1) Defines the termination criterion used in the course of k-means. Possibilities are: use an epsilon value (default 1) and stop iteration when the objective function improvement does not exceed epsilon or perform a specific number of iterations (default 10).
Principal Directions 1 Number of principal directions used in PDDP.
Maximum num. of PCs - Check if the PDDP(max-l) variant is to be applied.
Variant Basic A set of PDDP variants. Possibe values: 'Basic', 'Split with k-means', 'Optimat Split', 'Optimal Split with k-means', 'Optimal Split on Projection'.
MATLAB (svds) Check to use MATLAB function svds for the computation of the SVD in the course of PDDP.
Propack - Check to use PROPACK package for the computation of the SVD in the course of PDDP.
Number of Clusters - Number of clusters computed.
Display Results Display results or not to the command windows.
Store Results Check to store results.
Continue - Apply the selected operation.
Reset - Reset window to default values.
Exit - Exit window.

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