Retrieval Module (tmg_gui)

retrieval_gui is a graphical user interface for "Text to Matrix Generator" that can be used for applying a set of retrieval methods to term-document matrices (TDM's) constructed from tmg_gui.

See a demonstration of retrieval_gui.

For complete up-to-date documentation visit the TMG Wiki:

Field Name Default Description
Select Dataset - Select the dataset.
Insert Query The query to be executed.
Alternative Global Weights - Global weights vector used for the construction of the query vector.
Use Stored Global Weights Use the global weights vector found on the container directory of the dataset.
Stoplist - Use a stoplist.
Local Term Weighting Term Frequency The local term weighting to be used.
Vector Space Model Apply the Vector space Model retrieval method.
Latent Semantic Analysis - The method used in the course of the Latent Semantic Analysis technique. Possible values: 'Singular Value Decomposition', 'Principal Component Analysis', 'Clusteredd Latent Semantic Analysis', 'Centroid Mathod', 'Semidiscrete Decomposition', 'SPQR'.
Number of Factors - Select the number of factors used during the retrieval process.
Similarity Measure cosine Similarity measure used during the retrieval process.
Number of most revevant Defines the number of most relevant documents returned for a query.
Similarity measure exceeds - Defines the minimum similarity measure value for which a document is treated as relevant to the query.
Continue - Apply the selected operation.
Reset - Reset window to default values.
Exit - Exit window.

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